The Time Is Now For Ricky Maiolo

Jul 25, 2011

South Australian Ricky Maiolo will return to World Series Sprintcars 25th Anniversary season hoping to build on recent momentum in the S24 car.

In 2007/08 Maiolo burst into the WSS scene following many successful years in the AMCA ranks, finishing the season 10th in points.  The throttle stomping South Australian came back even stronger in 2008/09 to record a 5th place championship finish and looked to be a sure thing to continue his upward momentum.

Unfortunately, the cards fell in a different direction for Ricky, and that 5th place finish remains his best result in World Series Sprintcars.  In 2010/11, Maiolo only managed a 12th place finish.

“We’d love to get back up there in the points again, so we’re just trying to improve race by race.” Commented Maiolo.

“We’ve suffered in the past when we retire from a few rounds and put ourselves behind the 8 ball, so consistency is key.”

The 25th Anniversary WSS season means a brighter spotlight on all contracted drivers, for better or worse, and Maiolo plans to turn all of his potential into results on the sports grandest stage.

“We’d love to make the top 10-12 in every round of the series and make sure we’re finishing races,” said Maiolo, “we need to finish races and make sure we consistently earn points”

The TRG Transport team has every reason to be excited for the start of the season after Maiolo’s recent victory in the fourth annual George Tatnell Cup at hometown Speedway City.

Maiolo used controlled racing during heats to start the feature race on the front row next to another 2010/11 WSS runner up, David Murcott.

Not to be intimidated, Maiolo blazed away from the pack to lead the race.  A stoppage brought the field back together, threatening his lead, but again Maiolo asserted his dominance to claim his first Sprintcar A Main event.

“It was a fantastic feeling to finally get a big win after 5 years.  It’s a whole different level of competition [compared to AMCA].”

“It was an honour to win in front of my family and sponsors, and for my father.”

Maiolo plans to make his mark, preparing for the season with increased support from TRG Transport, a new team truck, confortable car setup and renewed focus.

“We’ve always felt the car setup gets better toward the end of a season.  This year we’ll start with the car setup we feel comfortable with and hopefully get the results right away.”

The 25th Anniversary Season of WSS begins on November 26 in Brisbane, where Maiolo will be focusing on turning his potential into results.

Stay tuned to and in the coming weeks as the rest of the contracted drivers are announced.


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