Welcome to Fantasy World Series Sprintcars!

If you could build your own dream team to compete in this season’s World Series Sprintcars who would you pick? But just to make it interesting, you have a limited amount of appearance money to assemble your team. Will your drivers perform on the night?

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How It Works

You have secured $30,000 appearance money to recruit your team per round, and each driver costs a certain amount of money. The most respected racers in the field cost up to $10,000 each, ranging all the way down to the unheralded newcomers costing as little as $2,000.

Your team consists of 5 drivers, so use your appearance money wisely! Will you pick a few expensive stars and a couple of lesser lights, or will you pick a team of solid mid-tier racers? It's your call.

Points are accrued as per World Series season points, and you can change your team up to 4pm each race night based on nominations as of 4pm the day prior.

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