Speedway Australia's New Look

We have a new website, which we hope you will find easier to use, while still retaining the information and resources required to get the most out of your experience. The major change is a fresh and consistent design theme across our new family of websites, which now include:-

Speedway Australia, www.speedwayaustralia.org
World Series Sprintcars, www.worldseriessprintcars.com.au
Speedway Australia’s Rising Star Program, www.risingstars.org.au
Australian Speedway Hall of Fame, www.speedway.org.au
Australian Speedway Awards, www.speedwayawards.org

On our main page you’ll find all the links to the licensing system, rulebook and other important information, along with enhanced details and connections for Speedway Australia’s tracks. As information is supplied to us there will also be a national speedway calendar, and more contacts and links to the governing bodies of recognised speedway classes.

The World Series Sprintcars website will become a hub for the 30th anniversary of the iconic national event, with plenty of new statistics and history already available. And on race nights you’ll be able to link through to our Clay-Per-View streaming partners, and catch the action live no matter where you are in the world.

Applications are now open for the 2017 Rising Stars Program, and all the details of current and previous Rising Stars can be found on the new website. Competitors aged from 16-23 can also apply to be a part of next year’s intake directly on the site.

The Australian Speedway Hall of Fame now boasts its own permanent online home, with a dedicated page for each of the 45 inductees from the five ceremonies dating back to 2007. This is an appropriate way to recognise the achievements of those who have shaped the sport over the last 90+ years.

Hot on the heels of the inaugural Australian Speedway Awards earlier this month, there’s now a website devoted to this important event. All of this year’s winners are celebrated, and as next year’s event draws closer you’ll be able to nominate worthy participants and purchase tickets to the ceremony.

In due course the website at www.speedwayaustralia.net.au will be replaced, but in the meantime we'll run them both together while any teething problems are ironed out. Feedback is welcomed.

Posted: 30/09/2016