World Series Sprintcars heads to QLD!

The 30th Anniversary of World Series Sprintcars continues this Saturday night at Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane for Round Three.

Can't make it to the track? Check out the coverage LIVE on Clay Per View here

Paid up nominations as at 7pm 23-11-2016 are as follows:

Q2 Brent Kratzmann
W2 Brooke Tatnell
Q3 Clem Hoffmans
Q5 Peter Lack
Q9 Dave Whell
W12 Daniel Harding
W14 Jason Pryde
Q16 Brian Mann
Q17 Luke Oldfield
W17 James McFadden
Q25 Andrew Scheuerle
Q28 Allan Woods
Q33 Callum Walker
Q36 Mitchell Gee
V35 Jamie Veal
Q40 James Grady
Q42 Kristy Bonsey
S45 Jake Tranter
Q49 Simon Jupe
Q54 Richard Morgan
Q59 Kevin Titman
Q64 Paul Rooks
Q75 Darren Jensen
Q77 Jayden Peacock
N78 Andrew Wright
Q84 Steve Greer
Q95 Ben Hilder

Total: 27

Posted: 22/11/2016